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Heritage| Quality | Luxury

Our mission is to provide a luxurious and healthy approach to self-care and wellness.

Our goal is to provide an experience that will encourage you to treat yourself luxuriously.

Treat yourself, you deserve it. 


Beyond Rare 

Feel like luxury. Smell like luxury. Handle problems luxuriously!

Mixing magic with science, our legacy is a unique one. Established in NYC, we have been sought out by those who appreciate our distinctively different products and our unique features. All made using the finest quality ingredients and organic materials at any cost.


Designed to be Different

All Bruja Luxury products are designed, tested, developed and refined by our founder, a witch, along with her team of designers who are Christian, Muslim, even Agnostic. That is the beauty of great skin. It doesn't care about your religion or background, only if you treat it well. All our products, from the desirable soaps to our sumptuous yoni steam are developed in house and are exclusive to Bruja Luxury.


A Legacy Recreated

Our brand emanates from the heritage and tradition of Iyami Aje witches. Historically, known to be the oldest African ancestry witches. Our founder is a daughter of those witches. The magic, passed down generation after generation until it landed with her. A certified herbalist and Reiki Master, she took what was passed down to her, mixed it with formal training and Bruja Luxury was created. 


A Solution Desired

Seeking solutions to allergic reactions for her friends, sensitive skin for her child and dry skin for herself, a comprehensive range of exquisite soaps, lavish scrubs, and luxurious yoni steams have been developed - permitting for luxury self-care at its best. 


 A Luxurious Experience

For us luxury is about the finer details. From our extremely popular yoni steam to our life-changing baths, to the deliberate idiosyncrasies of our unique fragrances, Bruja Luxury uses only the highest quality ingredients and herbs. A Bruja Luxury experience is always designed to delight and leave a unique impression. 

Harder to create but much more satisfying.

quality-herbs.png Uncompromising Quality

Bruja Luxury appeals to the connoisseurs of quality. They have refined taste, understand style and an appreciation of the look, feel and sense of uncompromising quality. The mass market can add chemicals. We never have, always seeking the finest ingredients. We take time to develop, embellish and refine. It is our belief that you get out what you put in, and we trust our customers can tell the difference. 

Our clients value and understand the best.