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How Your Change Works
We believe in giving back and we do this by giving to a non-profit of our choice. We keep the same non-profit for 30 days and change it out every month. So from January 1 to January 31, for example, that will be the charity we focus on.  So when you make a purchase, we offer you the opportunity to round it to the nearest dollar. That change will go to the non-profit. For example: If your balance is $45.75, you wil lbe asked if you want to round your balance off and make it $46.00. If you say yes, then that $0.25 will go to the non-profit of the month. Also, your round-up is tax deductible, helping you feel great about giving and doing so while treating yourself luxuriously. 
Why We Do This?
Everyone deserves access to healthy food options as well as a decent roof over their heads. But unfortunately, in many areas of the country, folks don't have this access and instead are exposed to areas known as food deserts, and live in underserved communities. The charities we donate to such as the Food Bank of New York City, help these communities and those who live in food deserts get access to quality food.  We believe in treating our bodies luxuriously but not everyone has that luxury, so we believe in giving back and helping people feel luxurious when they can. Getting food from a food bank or a roof over one's head may not seem luxurious to the average person, but to the person struggling between choosing medicine for their health or buying groceries, not having to buy groceries makes them feel luxurious. Luxury isn't just about looking good, it's about feeling peace. A full belly is a peaceful belly. Not having to stress if you have a roof over your head, helps bring a peaceful mind. 
So What Can You Do?
Simply buy something from here and then say, "YES," to rounding up your change.  You will get all documents and information about your donation sent to your email. Nothing else you need to do but: Shop+YES=Donation
Charity of the Month
Food Bank of New York City