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Get Rewarded for Your Luxurious Support
Earn Luxurious Rewards. Every Purchase. No Matter How Big or Small.
A special birthday gift + more great savings all throughout the year.
Personalized perks to help you earn rewards even faster.

Here's How It Works
You Earn It.
We Track It.
You Spend It.
Earn 5% Bruja Luxury Rewards on every purchase, every day. 
We'll send you reminders when you have Luxury Cash to spend. 
Earn it and spend it any way you want, any product you want. 
Points You Can Earn and Redeem
Earn the Following Ways
Redeem When You Get
Earn 100 Welcome Points
$5 for 500 Points
Follow on Instagram - 50 Points
$10 for 1000 Points
Follow on Facebook - 50 Points
$15 for 1500 Points
Mailing List - 50 Points
$20 for 2000 Points
Shop - Earn 5% for EVERY purchase
$25 for 2500 Points
* Qualifying Purchase(s) are calculated after all discounts are applied, before shipping, fees or tax is imposed and do not include the purchase of gift cards.
*You will be emailed when you've earned enough points and you will be able to see your points in your account each time you log in.